Associate Degrees in Engineering Graduation Requirements

Engineering students, who wish to obtain a CAD/CADD certificates must take all courses in the requirement. For detail about courses, please visit college catalog at Engineering degrees and certificates program.

Required Courses: CAD CADD

General Engineering 101
Introduction to Science, Engineering &Technology

2 2 units

General Engineering 102
Engineering Problems Solving

2 2 units

General Engineering 110
Engineering Graphics

2 2 units

General Engineering 111
Introduction to Engineering Drafting
(High school drafting will satisfy this requirement and obtain 3 units credit)

3 3 units

General Engineering 121
Programming for Engineers


General Engineering 131
Mechanical Engineering Technology 211 or 212
Elementary Mechanical Principles or Technical Static

  3 units

General Engineering 151
Material of Engineering
OR General Engineering 161
Processing of Engineering Material

  3 units

General Engineering 211
Computer Augmented Design Techniques I

3 3 units

Engineering 212
Computer Augmented Design Techniques II

3 3 units

General Engineering Technology 121
Engineeering Calculations I
OR Math 115 or higher

3 3 units

English:Any one of the courses 61,62,63,65, or 101

3 3 units
Physics 1, 6, 11   4 units
Required Units 21 units 34 units
Technical Electives:    
Civil Engineering 121,122,221,222    
Electrical Engineering 220    
Electrical Engineering Technology 120,221    
General Engineering 112,121,131,151,161,231,241,242,272    
General Engineering Technology 122,221, 223    
Mechanical Engineering Technology 211,212    

Free Electives:
Most other Engineering, Architecture, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or other courses as approved by the Engineering Department Chairperson.

Elective Units 9 units 9 units
Total Required Units

30 units



Students must earn at least a 2.0 GPA in all approved courses taken in the Engineering Department. Residence Requirement: Completion of at least 12 units of work in residence and attendance at the college during the semester in which the requirements are completed. Exceptions may be made for injustice or undue hardship.

Note: Over all GPA 2.0 instead of 2.5 for the CAD/CADD certificates and A.A./A.S Degrees. The requirement's in ELAC's 2007-2009 General Catalog is an error.