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If you feel that you have the qualities and ambition to advance to a position of responsibility in a business organization, then courses in business management are for you.  The Business Department at ELAC offers a Certificate of Achievement in Business Management, as well as an Associate Degree.  as well as useful and exciting courses in Small Business Management and Small Business Entrepreneurship.   

Businesses are always looking for good managers to help run their successful operations, whether that be for a large multi-national corporation or a start-up you create with your friends.  In large business organizations, managers organize employees and motivate the entire team to perform to the best of their abilities.  For smaller organizations, managers could have the added responsibility of helping plan, build strategy, and execute the company's vision.  

An Associate Degree in Business Management at ELAC focuses on a student preparing to go into business for him or herself, but your options are not limited to small business.  The skills learned will be useful in any situation in which you will be manage a team and business, whether that be for a one-man start-up, or a manager with a team in a large multi-national company.   

Certificates of Achievement:  

  1. Business Management

Associate Degree Programs 

  1. Business Management