Computer Science

ELAC Students in Computer LAB at ELAC

If you enjoy using computers and want to learn more about how computers work then courses in Computer Science are for you. Computers are integral to our world, whether they be for personal use to check the latest news, or for businesses to expand their sales capabilities. And computer functionality goes beyond what we see on screens day-to-day; computers are of course important to businesses, but also to unexpected fields such as medicine, economics, and law enforcement. Someone needs to program and operate these computers, and courses in the Business Departments' Computer Science discipline could put you on the path to working in a field that you already love.

The Computer Science courses offered by the Business Department will teach you basic principles of computing, to major programming languages (Visual BASIC, C++, and JAVA). We also offer courses in the exciting fields of computer applications, database, operating systems, computer networks, and web design.

New Courses for Spring 2018

  • Computer Architecture
  • Assembly Language

As a student of Computer Science you can earn the following certifications:

Skills Certificate:

  • Computer Essentials

Certificates of Achievement:

  • Computer Science Information Technology-Microcomputers
  • Computer Science Information Technology-Programming

Associate Degree:

  • Computer Science Information Technology

So if you have a desire to work in the fast-moving field of Computer Science, the ELAC Business Department has courses to give students fundamental marketable skills for either the job market, or to transfer to a four-year University.