ELAC Museum Studies Advisory Committee Members

Founded in 2018, the Museum Studies Advisory Committee was formed to discuss, finalize, and oversee courses in the Museum Studies Certificate Program at ELAC, with the goal of providing relevant and timely, academic and professional training, utilizing the Vincent Price Art Museum as a primary resource to introduce students to professions in a variety of museum settings.

Linda Kallan

Professor of art and art department chair; MSCP program coordinator

Dr. Surana K. Singh

Professor of art history; program founder and principle designer; author of ArtHist 100, 171, and 201

Wendi Brown

Professor of art history; contributing program designer, author of ArtHist 200                            

Dr. Julie Bernard

Professor of anthropology and chair of anthropology, geology, and geography

Nathasha Alvarez

Professor of library science; author of library science 201  

Dr. Armando Rivera-Figueroa

Professor of chemistry; dean of academic affairs- workforce at LA City College

Dean Ming-huei Lam

ELAC dean overseeing the art department, VPAM, and the MSCP

Steven Wong

Director of the Vincent Price Art Museum

Eduardo Diaz

Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center

Choonhee Rhim

Chair of library department and Conference/Tuition Committee