Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer

The Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer Degree offers academic training in visual literacy of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Emphasis on visual, written, and oral communication and the language and methodology of art history prepares students for university transfer and to compete in upper-division coursework in a range of disciplines including the history of art and visual communication. Students must complete 60 required semester units of CSU transferable course work with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 including a minimum grade of “C” (or “P”) for each course in the major. Certified completion of the California State University General Education-Breadth (CSU GE Breadth) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) Pattern is also required.

Subject & No. Course Units
Required Core Courses:  
ARTHIST 110** Survey of Western Art History I 3
ARTHIST 120** Survey of Western Art History II 3
Art 201 Drawing I 3
Subtotal 9
List A (Select One)  
ARTHIST 130** Survey of Asian Art History 3
ARTHIST 131** Introduction to Asian Art: East and the Pacific 3
ARTHIST 136** Introduction to Asian Art: South, Southeast, and Ancient Western Asia 3
ARTHIST 139** Introduction to Islamic Art 3
ARTHIST 140** Survey of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Ancient America 3
ARTHIST 151** Introduction to Latin American Art 3
ARTHIST  161** Introduction to American Art 3
List B (Select One)  
ART 204 Life Drawing I 3
ART 304* Acrylic Painting I 3
ART 501 Beginning Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART 633 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
ART 708 Introduction to Ceramics 3
PHOTO 010 Beginning Photography 3
List C (Select One)  
Art History 111** Introduction to Ancient Art of the Mediterranean 3
Art History 116** Introduction to Medieval Art of Europe 3
Art History 121** Introduction to Renaissance Through Rococo Art 3
Art History 126** Introduction to Modern Art 3
Art History 171** Introduction to Global Contemporary Art 3
Art History 181** History of Women in Art 3
Art History 200** Introduction to Museum Studies and Gallery Practices 3
or any List A or B course not already used  
complete additional CSU units, if needed, to reach 60 CSU transferable units  
IGETC or CSU GE Pattern  
Total 60

Note: 6 units of major courses may be double counted towards General Education.

*This course has a prerequisite

**This course has an advisory

Program requirements listed reflect the 2021-2022 course catalog