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Art work: drinking cup, bear, bird, bottle, and melon

Students who wish to pursue an animation or graphic arts focused course of study at ELAC will find a wide range of course offerings that emphasize the techniques and tools used in new media professional settings. Our Animation courses cover everything from character and layout design to 3-d modeling and beyond, giving students the opportunity to work directly with the technology and programs used by professional animators. Students enrolled in graphic arts courses will develop their understanding of design principals with a focus on their application in advertising, publishing, packaging, and corporate identity. All animation and graphic arts faculty have experience working as professionals in their respective discipline.

ELAC Animation and Graphic Arts courses are available to all students, whether or not they plan to pursue a career in related fields. Future graphic designers and animation enthusiasts alike will find supportive and personalized instruction in their chosen area of interest.

Each year, the Animation Department hosts an international animation festival featuring award winning animations and panel discussions by animators from around the world. Students also have the opportunity to submit their work for the annual Student Art Exhibition hosted at the ELAC Vincent Price Art Museum (VPAM), to showcase their film and design work alongside work done by students in Studio Arts courses.